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Coached me to every race PB's since January 2019; always been available to discuss sessions, race plans and always been available to discuss results and look at improvements!! Has a willingness to always be a support aide and his sessions are always realistic, challenging and enable visible progression. Wouldn't trust anyone else to look after my sessions and help me along my running, training and racing journey.

Jason Baker

I'm nearing the end of my first month of coaching with Paul, and very pleased with it. Paul is responsive and very knowledgeable. He immediately addressed some mistakes I was making, helped me out with addressing some hip flexor issues, and has adjusted the training plan each week to match my needs. I'm very happy with the coaching I'm receiving from Paul, and I'm sure you will be too.

Grant Ballard-Tremeer

Paul Trained me for 8 Months so far and am very pleasured With his training principles, he is very smart in training that he can make you fit with out feeling actually you will love running more then before, he is friendly,responsive and very knowledgeable, he adjuste my training plan each week to match my needs, he answer all my questions that he can empty any doubts in my head in scientific way, I recommend any running to train with him From beginner to elite 👍🏼

Saad El-Mutairi