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What training should I do through lockdown?

It's a simple question but it's hard to know the correct answer. 

With multiple lockdowns over the past year and races being cancelled every month it's difficult to plan training to achieve the best results for when races come back on the calendar.

It's the time now to focus on endurance and base building. At the end of the day the higher the level of endurance you have to work with the better athlete you will be over all distances for 5k-Marathon. 

Adding 10-15mins onto some of your easy runs throughout the week can be a good starting point. Easy runs are the first level of training you want to start with when building your aerobic system. I'd like to point out that these runs must be easy, running your easy days too fast only hampers your hard training days and these are the most important. 

The next thing that you can include is marathon pace and threshold work, when it comes to race performances over 5k-Marathon endurance and speed endurance is very important.

Think of it like this, let say you can run 5k in 20:00, the equivalent race performance for a marathon is 3:11:24! So if you feel you can't get anywhere near 3:11 then it's endurance you lack, not speed! 

Focus on endurance during lockdown, not speed. 

I hope this helps with your training, any questions please let me know.



Coach PW

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