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Training Week 1

Mon 25th April - 45 mins easy + 45 mins easy

Tues 26th April - 10 x 1000m + 45 mins easy

Wed 27th April - 40 mins easy + 30 mins easy + weights

Thurs 28th April - 30 x 45/15 secs + 45 mins easy 

Fri 29th April - 45 mins easy (lever) + 45 mins easy

Sat 30th April - Rest day (Bike intervals 10x2mins thresh, 1 min easy) 

Sun 1st May - 2 hours 30 easy 



A really good week of training, all sessions felt controlled and heart rate/lactate was good throughout. Probably shouldn’t of done the extra few kms on the long run Sunday as I now have a session to do tomorrow 😅 

Straightforward simple training at its finest. Fitness improving every week at the moment. 

128km (80miles) 

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